Saturday, January 23, 2010

You Need to See On The Razzle at Diablo Valley College

My daughter has just completed an arduous month of hunting for, borrowing and creating props for her college production of  "On The Razzle". As prop master, she was responsible for items that are used by the actors and used as set dressing.  Some props were easy to find, some took a bit of effort to locate - try to find geraniums in January or a set of bagpipes that needs to be playable.  For those items that were not easy to find or that were perishable food items - well, she just had to manufacture them herself.  She can make an awesome lobster thermidor out of foam, by the way.

The show is based on an Austrian play that was adapted by American author Thornton Wilder, and eventually became known as "The Matchmaker".  This, in turn, became the wonderful Broadway hit "Hello, Dolly!"  The DVC production was written by British playwright Tom Stoppard, and is an absolute hoot!  The entire production had the audience in stitches the whole night.  The actors are all amazing and the costumes are wonderful and the set shows how a few pieces can be adapted to many different settings. And why the plaids on the right, here?  Well, you need to see the show to understand.

If you are looking for an evening of great entertainment, I whole heartedly suggest that you get yourself over to DVC on a Friday or Saturday evening, or a Sunday afternoon before February 14th.   Curtain time is 8:00 for evening performances and Sunday matinees begin at 2:30.  For more information, visit

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